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Lmao 3 years ago
Naw bitch you peeing lol
Dark Nightmare 3 years ago
That's neither urine or squirt that's simply water that was inserted in her pussy in between takes. I'm surprised guys believe all women in porn actually have orgasms or in this case squirt women are the best at faking anything especially amount of "squirting" like in this video don't get more some of these porn do actually have orgasms and squirting up to you to be able to tell the difference from real from fake.
Horny girl 21 3 years ago
Don't care if it was pee or squrt cause it was so hot,I loved it how he was rubbing his dick on her pussy wanting her to squrt on his cock,also when he cummed and after that put again dick in her and continue to fuck her,long time didn't have such strong orgasm while watching
Name 3 years ago
Her Name
3 years ago
did she squirt or pee
Squirtin is meh thing 3 years ago
I squirted and summed lol
Wow 3 years ago
Lmao that’s weird how could’ve she squirted so much and it didn’t even hurt her once ?
Squirtin is meh thing 3 years ago
I meant as summed I mean cummed
Andre 3 years ago
You’re dirty
3 years ago
It was so cute to watch her squart